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New and Legacy Visual FoxPro Application Development

I've been building Xbase (dBASE, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro) applications for over 20 years. My applications are in use worldwide and cover a range of industries. I've written four books on VFP, presented dozens of papers at conferences throughout NA and Europe, was a Microsoft VFP MVP for 8 years and received the first Microsoft VFP Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. But I'm not one of those 'book learned' consultants - I personally billed over 15,000 hours in the 1990's, for example, and I've done at least 500 hours of Fox per year in the 00's. If you're looking for practical experience to help you with your new or legacy Visual FoxPro application, give me a shout!

Client-Server Application Development

Most of my VFP development over the past eight years has been with a SQL backend, and over the past four, that backend has usually been MySQL. Client-server application development is simultaneously much like LAN-based systems (specifications, development, testing, deployment) while at the same time, different (engine configuration, user interface design, beta site rollouts). If you're facing your first client-server system and need a hand, give me a call!

Web Application Development

I built my first data-driven Web site in 1996 using Visual FoxPro and Web Connection. Since then, I've built a half-dozen different applications, including secure e-commerce, using both Visual FoxPro and, more recently, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) technologies. If you're looking to move to the Web or add database functionality to your existing Web site, give me a holler!

Custom Software Development on Linux

It became evident to me in 2001 that Linux was going to make inroads on the desktop by the mid-2000's, and that meant that people were going to start asking for custom applications on Linux in the future. I've been migrating our shop to Linux over the last couple of years, and my primary workstation on my desk has been a Linux machine since the beginning of 2003. If you're interested in investigating options for custom application development on Linux, give me a call!

Software Development Mentoring

Looking for an objective review of your software development processes? With over 20 years of first-hand custom software development and three versions of the highly regarded "Software Developer's Guide" under my belt, I can provide guidance and advice on how to improve your development processes. Potential formats range from personal consultations with software development management to multi-day workshops with an entire team. Read more here.

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